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Signs Your Student-Athlete May Need Tutoring

  • Seems to be trying, but his grades don’t show it.

  • Homework is incomplete or not done well.

  • Shows an increasing lack of confidence and motivation about school.

  • Is very anxious about tests.

  • Misbehaving in class.

These can be signs of weak skills or serious academic problems in the making. First talk with your child’s teacher to find out what he or she thinks the issue is.

If it seems behavioral, you may also want to talk to the school counselor or principal.

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College coaches are committed more than ever to recruiting kids that excel both on the field and in the classroom. It is extremely important that all our players know the importance of doing well in school. Football will end for everyone one day and you have to be prepared for life after the game. We communicate this message as many times as we can throughout the year.

Off the Field Prep is the premiere student-athlete support system that offers a wide array of services in the Hampton Roads area. Helping athletes who need assistance with academics, support, and/or prepping for a collegiate career, Off the Field Prep is there for every step of the way. Off the Field Prep has extensive experience working with student-athletes and families in the areas of NCAA eligibility, subject & SOL tutoring, SAT/ACT prep, college application assistance, and financial aid (FAFSA) counseling. If interested in their services please contact us at        

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